Wednesday, June 30, 2010

satio, xperia X1, c905, w715, w995, c903, yari, hazel, elm, aino, aspen, xperia x10mini, vivaz, xperia x8 vivaz pro

satio(U1), xperia X1, c905, w715, w995, c903, yari (U100), hazel (G502, J20), elm(J10), aino (U10), aspen, xperia x10mini, vivaz, xperia x8 vivaz pro, TM506

How to connect SE w518 w508 to internet using USB cable through PC

(1) Make sure your w5x8 is properly setup. Go to menu->setting->connectivity->USB and set the phone to "PHONE" mode and USB network to "via computer" (instead of using as MODEM). Also in Internet setting, make sure "allow local connection" is enable.
(2) On Windows XP, if now you connect your cellphone to the pc through USB cable, you should see that another ethernet is established but the IP address can not be obtained. That's okay because we're going to setup the local network so your phone can be tunneled through the PC.
(3) On Windows XP. in control panel-> network connection->setup a home or small office network, setup a local network by selecting "my computer is directly connected to the internet" then select the primary network which is the network that is connected to the Internet. Then select the Sony Ericsson network to tunnel the phone through the primary network connection.
(3) after you see the sony ericsson network icon in your system tray and check that it got an IP of "" you are good to go to surf the net with your cellphone

Saturday, June 19, 2010

how to add a new user in backtrack and add it to sudoer

in root:
adduser new_user
adduser new_user admin

if not desired to add the new user to sudoer list, but sometimes need to "sudo" something. simply

Friday, June 18, 2010

How to scan and connect wireless networks in Backtrack 4

Original link:

wireless key - security key
essid - network name
ifconfig - Enables your wireless device
iwlist - lists available access points
iwconfig - configuring wireless connection
dhclient - to get an ip address via DHCP

step 1 - Enable wireless device.
Enter the command:-ifconfig wlan0 up

Where 'wlan0' is the name of your wireless device - if your not sure what yours is key 'iwconfig' at the command prompt

step 2 - scan for networks
iwlist wlan0 scan

You will then be given a list of available networks in range

step 3 - configure connection iwconfig wlan0 essid (network name) key (wireless key)eg
iwconfig wlan0 o2wireless key 5405507cd1

Note this is for a HEX key for ascii you have to add 's:' after 'key' as in..iwconfig wlan0 essid key s: wireless key

Step 4 Request an ip address via DHCPdhclient wlan0

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

POI resources

How to move windows using arrow keys in keyboard in Backtrack 4

The answer so far is no. In Ubuntu you can ( Alt + F7 or selfdefined then arrow keys). But somehow in Backtrack 4 when you type Alt + F7 then you can ONLY move windows by using mouse, which is annoying because we lose the keyboard controlability inherent in Linux.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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